Carla V. Fuenteslópez

Carla Fuenteslópez is a qualified engineer with extensive international research experience in biomedical applications and wet lab techniques. Carla strives to originate innovations that have a significant impact on people’s quality of life, with the aim of translating research from bench to bedside.  Research interests In vitro models for microvascular trauma 3D bioprinting Education 2016Continue reading “Carla V. Fuenteslópez”

Robert Staruch

Major Rob Staruch is a Plastic Surgical Trainee in HM Forces. His interests lie in the Mechanobiology of Trauma, using muscle-on-a-chip technology and Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar techniques to understand and mitigate high strain rate loading. Research interests Trauma Mechanobiology Bioengineered Therapeutics 3D in vitro models Education MBbcH University of Wales College of Medicine/ CardiffContinue reading “Robert Staruch”