Leaving year:



Vikranth Nagaraja (DPhil 2013-2018) now at Natural Interactions Lab

Fabio Bianchi (DPhil 2014-2018) now at Oxentia

Laura Diment (DPhil 2015-2019) now working on Next Generation Prosthetics, with Alex Dickinson at the University of Southampton

Dr Soheyl Soodmand (PDRA Bioreactor technology 2018-2019) now at: Darwin Innovation Group


Rowan Nicholls (MSc res 2015-2018) now at Perspectum Diagnostics

Sophie Behan (4YP 2017-18) now at:

Ruxandra-Maria Constantin (4YP 2017-18) now at:

Ruby Sedgwick (4YP 2017-18) now at AI4Health CDT, Imperial College London


Dr Jeroen Bergmann (PDRA 2014-2016): now Group Leader of the Natural Interactions Lab at the University of Oxford

Nazri Bajuri (DPhil 2013-2016): now at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 

Pedro Aparicio (DPhil 2013-2017): now at A.T. Kearney, Lisbon

Zuzana Kalivadova (MSc Res 2012-2017): 

Daisy Hutchison (4YP 2016-17):

Ivo Radice (4YP 2016-17):

James Russell (4YP 2016-17):

Robert Menzies-Wilson (Wellcome Trust vacation bursary summer 2017)


Jack Hornsby (DPhil 2013-2016): now at Cambridge Design Partnership

Dean Irvine (UCSF bioreactor RA 2015-16):

Tim Bevan (4YP 2015-16):

Joshua Bossward (4YP 2015-16):

Eden Harrison (4YP 2015-16):

Katia Mandaltsi (DPhil 2014-16): now post-doc at INSIGNEO, University of Sheffield

Arthur Spencer (BBSRC REPS summer vacation 2016):


Phill Brown (DPhil 2010-2014, PDRA 2014-15): now at Sagentia, product design near Cambridge

Paul Donnelly (4YP 2014-15): ?

Tom Hobkinson (4YP 2014-15): Brazil?

Charlie Whight (4YP 2014-15): ?


Russ Tucker (DPhil 2010-14): now consultant at Boston Consulting Group LLP

Tyler Grant (DPhil 2010-14): now post-doc at MIT, Cambridge MA

Joseph Alsousou (DPhil 2008-14): now Hip and Knee Fellow at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Rebecca Fraser (4YP 2013-14): now at stage and set engineering design

Bede Hoole (4YP 2013-14): now Application Engineer at Schindler Ltd.

Ben Kotas (4YP 2013-14): now at?

Chun-Han Hou (MSc 2014): now at?

Henry (Yue) Hu (MSc 2014): now at?

Nadege Merabet (MSc 2014): now at Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ISAE) Toulouse 

Chris Miller (MSc 2014): now at?

Courtenay Mansel (summer intern 2014):


Isaiah Adekanmbi (DPhil 2009-13): now Post Doc at University of Glasgow 

Hannah Thompson (MSc 2013): now studying for a PhD at Imperial College London

Martine Borm (summer internship, TU Eindhoven): now completing a degree at TU Eindhoven

Alex Murray (Wellcome Trust summer undergraduate bursary)

Eliot Clark (4YP 2012-13): now graduate trainee at NetworkRail

James Smith (4YP 2012-13): now at Atkins, engineering technology sector

Alastair Shipman (4YP 2012-13): now at BP

Murtaza Rind (4YP 2012-13): now at?


Rajnush Agarwal (MSc 2012): now at Rajasthan Udyog Group (Healthcare), India

Anne Bailey (4YP 2011-12): now in Colombia

Ed Brunet (4YP 2011-12): now?


Nasim Zargar Baboldashti (DPhil 2008-11): now post-doc in Carr group, NDORMS

Obiora Agbim (4YP 2010-11): now?

Tze Cheung (4YP 2010-11): now at PA Consulting Group

James Hopkins (4YP 2010-11): now?


Friederike Bieler (PhD – Berlin – 2005-10): now at Biotronik

Ann Harvey (DPhil 2007-9; Post-doc 2009-10): now ARUK Fellow at Cardiff University

Charles Burkitt (MSc 2010): now?

Hee Yon Cho (4YP 2009-10): now?

Moeed Haq (MSc 2010): now?

Denise Ho (4YP 2009-10): now?

Ian Mainwaring (4YP 2009-10): now sales engineer at COMSOL

William Okech (MSc 2010): now?


Andy Aitken (4YP 2008-9): now PhD student at Kings College London

Richard Mant (4YP 2008-9): now?

Maciej Pietrzak (summer intern 2009): now MSc student at University of Cambridge

T Zakaria (MSc 2009)

Aditya Kandath (MSc 2009): now?

Jayesh Chauhan (MSc 2009): now at Deloitte UK

Peter Daunton (summer intern 2009): now at Atkins


Stuart Abercrombie (4YP 2007-8): now at Cambridge Consultants

James Grice (4YP 2007-8): now DPhil student Ocean Engineering

David O’Neill (4YP 2007-8): now postdoc at DPAG in respiratory modelling

Annie Ng (Summer intern 2008): now DPhil student at OOEC


Kate Beniuk (MSc 2007): now PhD student at University of Cambridge

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